Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Deep Blue Sea (2011) - Official Trailer Terence Davies

I've been a huge fan of the British film maker Terence Davies ever since I saw " Distance voices, Still lives " and " The long day closes " Some people say his films are bleak and slow. But to me these films are beautiful and are full of amazing subtle details of peoples complex characters and emotional lives. They also have insightful 1940s & 50's period details of working class life in Liverpool. The stories are told to us in a series of tableaus or vignettes as if they are memories being recalled. Because these fragmented memories are often contradictory a complex story is slowly and subtly built up layer upon layer about these characters lives.
Now there is a new Terence Davies film to look forward to.  " The deep blue sea " starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddstone. Its based on a Terrance Rattigan play also set in England in the 1950's. Rachel Weisz performance has had rave reviews and is said to be worthy of an oscar. I for one cant wait to see it !